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2020-2020 Asoebi Styles for Beautiful African Ladies

2020-2021 Asoebi Styles for 2020-2021 Asoebi Styles for Beautiful African Ladies. The name Asoebi is a combination of two words, ‘Aso’ which means cloth and ‘Ebi’ which means family. The combination of these two Yoruba words loosely translates to ‘family clothes’. Traditionally this cloth was usually worn during funerals and other related ceremonies in Yoruba cosmology as family uniform. One of the ideas of appearing in this finely woven uniform is to mark fraternity bond. Thus signifying close friendship. Another idea behind rocking of this dress is to showcase affluence. However, in modern time, the practice of wearing Asoebi has transcended family clothes or funeral dressing to become one of the best acceptable styles in Nigeria, West Africa and beyond.

Below is a collection of stunning 2020-2021 Asoebi styles. These designs are made up of finely woven lace materials designed for all occasions ‘office unrelated’. When I use the word ‘office unrelated’ I mean that these designs can be rocked to a wedding and you will make the bride jealous. Rock it to church and the attention will be shifted from the preacher to your clothing. And when you rock any of it to any secular events like ‘Owambe’ you will surely receive a V.I.P treatment. You can take my word for it. Peruse the styles below and you will be captivated!

Beautiful African Ladies.

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