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Best 60 Art Ideas for Nails Color in 2019

Best 60 Art Ideas for Nails Color in 2019 . Every woman takes it as her duty to treat her hair, get beautiful new years nail design and choose a stylish dress before the New Year. There are new nail trends replaced by others year after year. Some nail designs give way to others and become less popular. Nails for New Years 2019 will be special too. We’ll tell you about preferred colors, fashionable styles and main nail trends. It’s easy to define a trendy color of the New Year as it fits the color of the New Year symbol according to the Eastern Calendar.
New Years Nail Designs: What Color the Dog Would Approve

In 2019, the Yellow Earth Dog will govern. This means that the trendiest color for manicure will be yellow.
However, it should be noted that it’s better to avoid bright acid shades as the Dog wouldn’t like them. It likes naturalness.
You should choose the nail color taking into account the color of your dress. If you’re going to put on a blue dress, paint your nails in blue or sky blue. Give your preference to natural shades but it doesn’t limit the choice as the sky as an enormous “natural blue object” can change its color from light azure on a sunny day to raven black at night.
Best 60 Art Ideas for Nails Color in 2019 .





























































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