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How to Have Beautiful Nails in 2019

How to Have Beautiful Nails in 2019. Moisturize
One of the secrets to great nails is keeping the skin around them clean and moisturized. We all suffer from hangnails and dry cuticles. The best part about looking at your nails after a manicure is when you don’t have any of them. When you are rubbing in the lotion, make sure you focus on your nails a lot more than you normally do.

Another way to prevent the skin around your nail from drying out is to stay away from some soaps and chemicals. There are soaps in this world that dry out your skin worse than if you never use moisturizer again, and chemicals are even worse. Chemicals burn your skin right off. We can never truly ignore these products, but we can be smarter about how we come into contact with them. Gloves are definitely an option. You can find nail products that are geared toward the health of your cuticles, nails, and skin.

Clip, file, and buff
The tools inside your nail kits are beneficial to you have beautiful nails on a regular basis. Your clippers should always be strong and sharp so they can easily cut through your nails without a struggle. If they are cheaply made, you will mess up more often by cutting too close and not shaping your nail right. Another way of clipping your nails is by using the miniature scissors that come in the kit. You don’t chip your nails and what you cut off doesn’t get lost in the direction it flys.

A good filing should always follow cutting your nails. Just like clippers, your file should be of good quality. I’ve bought many nail files that didn’t file at all and my nails just slid right across it. This is an easy way to shapen the jagged edges your clippers leave behind and smoothen them out. After you file, always buff. Nails tend to get jagged lines on them. Use a nail buffer to sand it down and make the nail a smooth landscape.
How to Have Beautiful Nails in 2019.




















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