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Last Traditional Ankara Styles Attires in Nigeria

Last Traditional Ankara Styles Attires in Nigeria. Ankara style is a traditional uniform for Owambe’s in Nigeria. whether or not it’s a marriage ceremony, a naming ceremony or primarily any traditionally themed ceremony it’s necessary that the headgear makes a presence in any of those events. we have found  unique traditional Ankara styles attires in Nigeria that attract eyes to copy this year. It’s not simply a symbol of fashion rather it’s a symbol of culture, one that this generation has absolutely embraced.
One of the most difficult aspects of being a Nigerian is maintaining the culture. Passed down from generations is that the confidence of finding yourself within the traditional attire. I for one grew up looking at my mum, grand mum and aunts wear their lace or Ankara fabric is sewn into a shirt and wrapper or a ‘skirt and blouse’. As time went on that appeared that there was a culture that was becoming familiar, the traditions were virtually dying within the world of the socialite’s as they’d rather wear a British Ankara vogue wedding outfit complete with fascinators compared to wearing our own traditional ensemble. it had been like another’s culture was looming over our heads and it had been starting to} trickle down to non-socialites but moments before the threat became one thing to notice, there was a swift switch in however the standard wears were represented so the social media boom helped to push cultural information.

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