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Simple Nail Designs for Spring 2019- Short Nails

Simple Nail Designs for Spring 2019- Short Nails. Sometimes it is enough one or two layers of the gel material, in a special way, heightened or supplemented with mother-of-pearl rubbing, to achieve a magnificent laconic manicure. Spring trends of the coming 2019 do not exclude the popularization of restraint and conciseness of an individually applied coating without additionally mounted to the nail plate decorations in the form of adhesive tapes, rhinestones, foils, sculpting, design, and other decorative nail equipment. It can be the following variations of the fashionable spring manicure 2019:

• iridescent monophonic – today such trend colors as mint, ruddy rose, light azure, delicate coral, sky-blue look great in monochromatic alternate application to individual fingernails. Such nail design is distinguished by fresh spirit, spring beauty, and flawless simplicity. The most appropriate is the similar application of colored materials on short nails;

• bicolored combinations – often used nail design is considered to be a combination of the most successfully combined colors on the nails. Spring orientation involves covering the nails in one bright color and highlighting the nails of the ring and middle fingers with another lively shade. Bright combinations of the coming spring of 2019 are yellow with violet, blue with red, pale pink with sky blue, dusty gray with a fuchsia color;

• gradient feathering is another version of pure gel decoration, manifested in the combination of two colors on one nail with a smoothly graduated transition from one color to another. This style was called ombre and is quite a popular type of nail cover the spring season 2019.
Simple Nail Designs for Spring 2019- Short Nails.

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