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THE ABSOLUTE BEST AND STYLISH KENTE STYLES. These are the best and stylish kente styles. They are absolutely show stoppers. Kente cloth dress these days can not be ruled out of African dress styles.

In this post I will be showing current kente styles that are rocking the kente fashion industry.
How is kente made?

Kente is woven on ancient hand looms. They operate the loom with their hands and feet. The needle, which tread the wrap are placed between the toes.

A shuttle passing from the left hand to the right hand in deft movement inserts the weft. Simultaneous with the action comes the Kente loom music, a well known noisy Kro-hin-kro … Kro-hin-kro.

This rhythm made by the reverberating shuttle as they entwine the coloured yarns smoothly over one another to produce the dazzling double – weave strips of cloth, eight feet long by four inches wide.

Kente is becoming more and more popular these days especially in the western world. The most popular kente cloth style in the western countries is the kente stole. The word kente originates from the Akan word “kenten” which when translated into English, it means a woven basket.

Kente is a very popular cloth in the western part of Africa especially in Ghana where it originally comes from. Kente dresses and cloth are mostly worn on special occasions to symbolise the rich culture. It would suprise you to know that kente is woven with the intensions and emotions of the weaver.

Thus, every kente has a name. At times kente can be named after popular people who have done great deeds. For instance the former president of America, Barack Obama, has a kente named after him. His kente name sake is Obama kente.

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