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The latest Cat-eye Nail Design for 2019

The latest Cat-eye Nail Design for 2019 . Feline eye Nail Design is a prominent style of nail art.Cat-eye Nail Design is a decent decision for autumn,today i’ll bring you 30+ Beautiful Cat-eye Nail Design for 2018 !

What is Cat-Eye Gel Polish ?

Feline Eye Gel Polish as the name infers, is equivalent to the feline’s eyes. It can indicate distinctive light and shadow under the difference in light. It resembles a feline’s eye to draw in consideration. Feline Eye Gel Polish is another innovation gotten from the nail clean. The magnet powder in the feline eye gel will be adsorbed and gathered under the activity of the magnet. Under the impression of light, a segment of light like a feline’s eyelid shows up, that is, a thin and splendid reflection superficially, which is like the opal, and is known as the feline’s eye stick.


1.Prepare your nails with UV BASE COAT, and fix it under UV/LED light.

2.Apply the dark shading coat, fix dry, at that point second coat,cure dry. (Darker base can get

better chameleon impact)

2.Apply feline eye gel(DO NOT Cure!)

3.Use the magnet stick near nail. The closer separation, the more evident impact. Be that as it may, repel

from the gel. The impact is as indicated by the line of the magnet stick and the dirction you put

The latest Cat-eye Nail Design for 2019 .





















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