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Top 5 African Print Trends In Ghana and south african

Top 5 African Print Trends In Ghana and South African. From funny looking outfits to very loud and colorful clothing, fashion and style have gone through a major phase of transformation. Day in day out, new trends emerge and outfits that seemed very cool 5 years ago may now look old fashioned. Astonishingly, fashion from the ’60s and ’70s is now taking center stage while African prints have become the order of the day. The beauty and panache of our African wax prints have made it an attractive brand for even the western world. In Ghana, African print fashion has become popular among the youth and even the old. Fridays are special days set aside in Ghana for African print clothing. Students and workers alike rock different types of African print fashion products. Amazing designs for both men and women are showcased all-round the country. Weekends also come with many events and ceremonies. Weddings, parties, funerals and other events give Ghanaians the opportunity to rock their African print clothing and accessories. You should see the style and spark with which many people dress for such events. However, there are certain top fashion trends in Ghana at the moment and Jumia, Ghana’s leading online retail company looks at a few of the top trends.
Top 5 African Print Trends In Ghana and South African.

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