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Trendy Silver/Gray Hair Color Ideas for 2019

Silver/Gray Hair Color

Trendy Silver/Gray Hair Color Ideas for 2019.For the longest we can remember, it’s always been about the blondes and the brunettes; the epic battle- who is better? All the while, gray hair has been shunned and touted as ‘old people’ hair color. But in this year,
the hair world is shaking things up a bit and making gray the star of the show! These gray hairstyles are sure to have you running to your hairstylist in need of a grey makeover. Who would’ve thought?
The beauty of the solar system is clearly shown in this stellar hairstyle, with hints of lavender purples mixed in to a deep grey hue. It’s okay to leave these spectacular shades straight, but giving them some waves really enhances this hairstyle to the max.

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